Skipline is the foundation of Shaw Harbor’s transportation platform with nearly 50 years of history whereas their name lays claim to inventing automatic painting of dashed “skip lines” on highways. In less than 6 months Shaw Harbor’s investment at Skipline has accelerated R&D, hardware innovation, and doubled the staff to deliver higher quality, lower cost, and precise data for contractors and agencies in the highway and aviation segments. Our aim is to accelerate pavement marking technology, merge markings with connected vehicles, and to reduce transportation accidents and fatalities on the journey towards zero deaths (TDZ).

Spec-Rite is Shaw Harbor’s first technology start up which provides a proprietary, innovative software for managing pavement markings on highways and airports. Spec-Rite’s Pavement Marking Management Platform (PMMP) captures quality, cost, and productivity data and delivers actionable “real time” data for pavement marking contractors and government agencies. By combining data sources from marking applications, retroreflectivity, and materials, we eliminate data silos and bring real-time oversight. Our experienced, unique, and nimble software team delivers speciality solutions for transportation safety you can’t find anywhere else.

VMX is Shaw Harbor’s latest data and technology start-up. VMX is the most live map of road markings available and it enables autonomous navigation during heavy snow, rain, road work, and other situations where visual sensors are impaired.