• Transportation Technology
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Highway Safety
  • Software/Communications
  • Infrastructure/Transportation

Investment Criteria

i. Target EBITDA: $0 to $3 million
ii. Type: Private Equity Investment or Asset Sale
iii. Approach: Active Management
iv. Type: Majority control, Joint Venture
v. Capital Structure: Debt, Equity
vi. Geography: North America
vii. Preference: Family and Founder-Owned Businesses
viii. Preference: First-Time Professional Capital

Transportation Technology

Shaw Harbor is focused on developing and delivering the technology gap between conventional pavement marking “art” and Intelligent pavement marking management systems. Our success will reduce accidents and fatalities and provide transportation stakeholders effective management tools. Our holdings represent both hardware and software companies some nearly 50 years old and others fresh from start-up.

Autonomous Vehicles

Shaw Harbor is at the forefront of this new frontier where we work with agencies, tier 1 providers, regulators, technology firms, and advocates to deliver solutions for AV’s and improvements to lane keeping capability. Autonomous infrastructure and data are growing at a 16% CAGR and accelerating which invigorates and inspires our entire team.

Highway Safety

At Shaw Harbor, we embrace and support the global effort Toward Zero Deaths (TDZ). We work together with individuals and companies at IRF, ATSSA, AASHTO, SAE, TRB, ITE, and many more to collaborate on solutions. Our employees, family’s, customers, and friends are counting on us to reduce the risks on the roads and runways so they can return home safely, each and every day.

Software / Communications

Software and communications are at the forefront of everything we do at Shaw Harbor. We’re always looking to deliver data and technology more effectively and faster to provide our customers and partners with unique, rapid solutions. Nearly 30% of our employees are working on or building imbedded or cloud based software daily.

Infrastructure / Transportation

Smart Cities and Mobility Management are at the forefront of the future of Transportation and Shaw Harbor’s. City planners need clear vision from actionable data to provide users seamless, safe, clean transportation options while connecting autonomous vehicles.