We invest in people that are building companies for tomorrow

Firm Overview

Shaw Harbor Holdings (SHH) is a group of companies operating as a private equity and asset management firm that combines the disciplines of comprehensive research and due diligence with a commitment to delivering compelling returns for shareholders. SHH acquires assets directly and through Joint Venture in specific markets providing a diverse technology growth opportunity for SHH investors.

Why Partner with Shaw Harbor?

We have a solid foundation in transportation safety with global reach

Shaw Harbor has its core centered in saving lives through the reduction of accidents, incidents, and fatalities, a pillar of transportation agencies around the globe. We have holdings and/or partnerships in North America, Asia Pacific, MENA, and are actively pursuing others in Europe, South America, and Asia.

We accelerate growth by connecting hardware and software for public and private sectors

Our unique business model attracts conventional hardware companies with a desire to ”be connected” to the IOT and software/data companies. Our aim is to empower users with a growing portfolio of connected products and eliminate data silos.

We invest in people, foster personal growth, and eliminate the barriers to your success

Our formula is simple, coach, mentor, train, and reward our team while providing the resources necessary for success. We got our start as a family business. It is this tradition of making our family our business and our business our family that guides our growth. We bring companies, products, technology, and opportunity together united with people.